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Evelyn Eaglesong offered me a view into my new life.  This woman exceeds all the current cliche`s of awesome!  She is generous, quick, sharp and to the point, people are her profession and getting them to 100% of their potential is her calling.  She does this with ease and without reserve.  If you are serious about moving forward in your life talk with Evelyn.  Five stars - highly recommend!   CB

Clients include MD's, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians.

The Mirror reflecting back to you the Truth that you knew , but forgot you knew.       EE Song

I Am your Quantum Field Architect to guide you, counsel and help awaken your spiritual gifts to your divine life mission.  

Your auric  field reveals all about your agreements before you were born and after your first breath day. With this revelation you can make informed choices.

Energy healing: I can see you at any distance and share. Your thoughts, actions, past lives, history and health within your field to clear, elevate and transform  any situation.

I am compelled to help others to heal to enjoy health and vitality. In letting go of your fears or restrictive thinking I guide you to fully open the miracles of healing in your life and transform your life. 


I send you love and honor you for your brave journey here and back.


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